First Time Home Buyer Series Overview:

Over the next couple of months I will be doing the most comprehensive blog series on becoming a “First Time Home Buyer” you have ever seen! We are going to tackle 9 different topics that are crucial to making an often-dreadful process, amazing! These topics include:

What does it mean to be a homeowner? – Its important to define what exactly this means and the commitment it takes. Simply put, home ownership might not be for everyone.

The 5 C’s of Credit! – We will go into detail how to prepare your credit to be approved for a loan by breaking it down into the commonly known 5 C’s. These include, Credit, Collateral, Capacity, Capital, and Character.

The Mortgage Timeline. – The timeline of how the mortgage process works can be challenging to understand. Not only will we discuss a specific time frame for how the process will work, we will properly educate you on each step setting an appropriate expectation.

Choosing the right realtor and finding your home! – Finding the right realtor for you is such an important process of becoming a homeowner. Your realtor needs to understand you and the way you communicate. In this post we will talk to a fantastic realtor and get their expert opinion!

Time for an Appraisal and Inspection! – Now that you have found the home that you dreamt of and an offer has been accepted, its time to get a home inspection. Once satisfied with the inspection we will order an appraisal. In this post we will talk to a home inspector, industry expert Wayne Bumgardner. He will walk us through anything and everything you need to be looking for during the inspection process.


Its Time to Pack, You’re Moving! ­– Packing and moving is perhaps the most exciting and stressful part of this entire process. We have collected some amazing tips and tricks over the years that will keep you solely focused on the excitement of moving into your new home!

Underwriting. – The processor has received the necessary paper work and at this point in the loan process it is time for conditional approval. The processor will send your loan to an underwriter. Don’t worry! This is a normal part of the loan process. During this post we talk with the Underwriting Manager at Ross Mortgage to give you all of those important details and things to expect.

Home Owners Insurance. – You are in the final step before closing! Homeowners insurance is mandatory to close on your house. Obtaining it has its own little process that will need to be discussed. We will talk with the Zimpleman Agency and get the full low down.

It’s Closing Time. – Closing time is here. Once the underwriter is satisfied that all the conditions have been met and has reviewed the requested documents they will deliver a “Clear to Close”. Once that is delivered you are heading straight for closing day! We go over what closing day will look like as well as the new TRID disclosures, which adds a few days to the process.

That’s it! These are the 9 topics that we will go into great detail. You do not want to miss this series. Hopefully, it will be a great tool to you or someone you know that are looking to become first time home buyers.

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