Is a House Still a Sound Investment Amidst Surging Home Prices?

In recent years, the housing market has witnessed unprecedented home value appreciation. We’ve seen national appreciation rates of 12% in 2022 and 16% in 2021, preceded by several years of increasing prices, starting in 2012. However, starting in 2019, we started to really see the craziness, that continues in some instances today. Massive over bids,…

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What to Know When You Apply for a Mortgage


Paula Christine has seen many people make financial mistakes when buying a home.  Just because you’ve been approved for a $350,000 mortgage doesn’t mean you can afford it!  Our guest today is Marc Edelstein, mortgage broker with Ross Mortgage. We cover all things mortgage, including: First steps when applying for a mortgage What happens when property values are re-assessed…

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Exploring Mortgage Options for Homebuyers in Michigan and Metropolitan Detroit

When it comes to obtaining a mortgage for your dream home in Michigan and Metropolitan Detroit, it’s essential to understand the various mortgage options available to cater to your specific financial needs. Each homebuyer’s circumstances are unique, and certain loan programs may be better suited for one individual than another. Let’s take a closer look…

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Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification: Understanding the Key Differences for Home Loans in Michigan and Metropolitan Detroit

When it comes to securing a home loan in Michigan or Metropolitan Detroit, it’s essential to know the difference between pre-approval and pre-qualification. Each serves a distinct purpose in the home buying process, and understanding their nuances can help you make informed decisions. Pre-Qualification – The Initial Step At the outset, pre-qualification provides a non-committal…

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Should We Wait To Buy A House?


  Rising mortgage rates have scared off many prospective home buyers, but as we’ll learn today, it may still be a good time to buy a home. Marc Edelstein of Ross Mortgage joins Paula and Jon as one of their very first guests. Yes, interest rates have risen, but home prices have fallen. Marc walks…

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VA Home Loan Refinance


If you’re a veteran in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, or any Michigan County, and you own a home using your VA home loan benefit. Does the stack of mail above look familiar? In some instances, local veterans have reported receiving 10-12 of these letters a week. So, what are they and why are you getting so…

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There are a number of ways to lower your monthly payments on your mortgage. The most popular is certainly refinancing, because you can lower your rate, extend your mortgage back out another 30 years, or eliminate mortgage insurance. But refinancing often carries fees and can be an intensive process. Another common way people lower their monthly…

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