VA Loan

The VA Loan program is a program that I am very proud to be able to offer our Veterans. How do we give back to the soldiers that have put their lives in harms way to protect our freedom? The answer is, nothing is enough. But being able to offer them a VA Loan so they can own their own home is a good start! As a VA Qualified Lender, I have closed nearly 100 VA loans and every time I sit with a Veteran at a closing table I feel proud I was able to have a part in this exciting life changing event. Here are a few highlights that make a VA Loan unique:

Contrary to popular belief, a VA Loan is not difficult. (If your Realtor still thinks they are, let me have their number!)

VA Loans are exclusively for Veterans and are assumable to other Veterans.

100% Financed (NO down payment is required for  VA Loan!)

No PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)

Maximum loan amount for a VA Loan in Metro Detroit is $417k

VA home loan benefits can be used subsequent times

A Veteran can have multiple VA  Loans at the same time.

If a Veteran is 100% disabled the home is Michigan Property Tax Exempt.

Interest Rates for a VA Loan are lower than Conventional loan rates.

Closing Costs and Prepaid items may be paid by the seller.

Gift Funds are allowed.


We have our Veteran’s backs. Whether you are currently serving and looking to live near Selfridge Air National Guard base in Harrison Charter Twp, or the Mt. Clemens area, or you are a Veteran,  call us! We can help you obtain the VA Loan you deserve for the sacrifices you have given! Call Marc Edelstein (248) 658-2643 now!

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